Radix Stream Mobile App Wallet Tracker

Most used mobile wallet on Radix

Stream Wallet makes it easy & safe to store, send, and receive tokens on the Radix ledger.

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Available for iOS and Android devices!
Stream Mobile Wallet for Radix DLT

All the features you need

Stream makes it easy for you to manage funds safely

Self Custodian

We never have access to any of your data or funds

Multi Wallet

Track the content of multiple wallets simultaneously

Domain Names

Send and Receive tokens with human readable addresses - Mike.RDX

Fiat Valuations

View fiat valuation of your every wallet and transaction

Transaction History

Detailed transactions with ID, Fees, Type and Addresses

Wallet customisation

Choose colors, names, ownership % and fiat currency

Dual App Mode

Use the app as a Wallet or Tracker, or both simultaneusly

Dark & Light Theme

Used in daylight or at night, the app adjusts to your usage

Stake and Unstake

Stake your XRD tokens and receive network rewards

How we keep your crypto safe

You will never have to worry about the safety of your funds when using the decentralized web.

No access to your funds or private keys

Stream is a self-custodial wallet. Your private keys are encrypted on your device by your password and are never shared with anyone.

Your privacy is respected

Stream wallet doesn’t track any personal identifiable information, your account addresses or asset balances. You are the only one in control of the information submitted to the app.

We would be really happy to hear your feedback, good or bad, about the app. So please leave us a review in the app stores or on our Telegram channel.

Independently audited

Our code has been audited by a top software auditing firm trusted by technology companies worldwide.
(Auditor: Red4Sec)

Version 0.0.3 - 27 jan. '22

• New Dark theme with dimmed colors
• Added Transactions history screen
• Transaction details screen with amount, fiat value, fee, time, sender/receiver, type, ID
• Easy copy/paste of transaction details
• Option to change wallet's color
• DogeCube fiat value added
• More fiat currencies added in Settings
• Bugs and performance improvements
• Restructured Add new wallet screen

Upcoming features

• Rewards tracking
• Export PDF and CSV for tax
• News from Radix Ecosystem
• Notifications for price or transactions
• Validators fees and uptime
• Filter wallet coins and pin/hide them
• Network explorer
• Create new wallets
• Full wallet function: send/stake

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The Stream Wallet is developed and maintained by the Ideomaker SDK team. We're established members of the Radix DLT community since 2017 and we're excited to be among the pioneers building for a Web 3 internet.


If you want to reach us you can find us on Twitter or the Telegram and Discord channels. Same channels are used for bug reporting and feature requests.

*Disclaimer - Radix Stream is a self custodian wallet, therefore you are the only one in control of your Seed Phrase and login credentials. Radix Stream, Ideomaker SDK, nor the developers are to be held accountable for any loss of tokens or any other damage resulting from the usage of the app!