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Release history

Here you can find the most recently launched version of the Stream Wallet and a detailed report with added features and bug fixes. The most wanted features to be addressed in the upcoming releases will be listed also below.

Upcoming releases

The following features are on the roadmap and their release schedule is based on development timeframes and community feedback. The Pro version of the app will include features that are outside the scope of the core functionality of a wallet but would significantly improve the experience and utility while interacting with the Radix ledger.
• Token creation wizard
• Token Airdrop wizard
• Staking rewards tracking
• Radix projects listing and info
• Community Message board
• Biometric login
• dApps Connect login - in Beta
• Token Swapping
• NFT integration
• Ledger hardware wallet support
• CSV and PDF tax reports

1.2.13 - 24 April 2023

• New Fast Wallet setup method for new users, skipping Seed Phrase verification screens
• Seed Phrases with 18 and 24 words are now supported
• Fiat Pricing for all the listed tokens in the Radix ecosystem
• New Actions menu tab added with teased upcoming features
• Create User Groups for in person events and Collect Account addresses via QR code scans
• Set Validity Timeframes of the QR codes generated for Groups
• Empty spaces added accidentally at Seed Phrase validation screen are removed automatically
• Added dApps login/connect via QR code (in Beta, only for the upcoming FOTON Marketplace, for now)
• Small bug fixes.

1.2.12 - 16 April 2023

• NEW Domain Names integration with Exciting new extensions!
• Integration with .XRD Domains and the RNS
• Reserve Domain Names directly from the app
• Send and Receive tokens via Domain Names
• Manage Linking between Domain Names and Account Address
• Added Encrypted and Simple Transaction Messages
• New Slide Up menu for Account management
• New Easy View and Copy of Account addresses
• Optimised order and new Buttons for Send/Receive/QR Code Scan
• Scan QR code and Receive tokens works also in Tracker mode
• Airdropped Transactions displaying corrected
• Fixed decimals restrictions at Send Transaction amount field
• Small bug fixes.

1.0.1 - 27 May 2022 *beta version

• UI & UX improvements
• Fixed transactions with values higher than 999 or with decimals
• Custom token transfers are now reflected all the way during the transfer process
• Improved validator info when picking the validator to stake Radix on

1.0.0 - 23 May 2022 *beta version

• Full wallet functionality: create/add wallet, send/receive transactions, stake/unstake XRD
• Multiple wallets managed simultaneously
• Dual app mode: Tracker or Wallet
• Simultaneous view of multiple accounts
• Scan or Generate QR code to receive tokens
• Transactions history with detailed info
• Customise wallet/accounts names, colors or ownership percentage for shared wallets
• Dashboard with XRD price in fiat currency, market cap, ranking, chart and total holdings
• Address Book for Radix addresses and fast insert to transactions
• Dedicated button for refreshing wallet
• Individual stakes and pending unstakes
• Easy validator nodes selection based on: uptime, fee, network share and rank.
• Intuitive button for fast copy/paste of the account address and transaction ID
• Fiat valuations for XRD and DogeCube
• Light and Dark app theme
• Mainnet or Stokenet gateway selection
• PIN protection for every transaction